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A few things Apple could learn from the Google Play Store

Posted on 20 Dec 2013 in Android, iPad, iPhone | Comments Off on A few things Apple could learn from the Google Play Store

We’ve been doing side by side development of iOS and Android
applications for a while now, and we’ve come across things that both platforms do better than the other.

This is a quick showcase of what we like about Android app deployment on the Google Play store.

No waiting for reviews
You have full control over what you put on the Play store and when it goes on there with no waiting for your app to be reviewed.

Roll back
Just spotted a major issue in your app? no worry you can roll the app back to a previous version at a click of a button, or if it was a simple fix, you can push an update and have it out to people within hours. This puts you in a much better situation if something does go wrong, this is especially helpful for a small company that has only a handful of developers, where testing apps extensively for weeks before releasing isn’t possible.

Roll out to a small percentage of users
Another good feature of the play store is that you can roll your app out to a percentage of the market instead of the whole thing if you wish too. This is especially handy
if your doing a big update to an application that
has a large existing user base. You can do an update to 5% get feedback, crash reports and then do updates to that 5% or roll out to a larger percentage to gain more feedback or push to everyone once your happy.

Beta testing groups
You can also do beta testing with selected people from the publishing console, I haven’t delved into this feature yet though, but seems like something that could be very useful during the development phase if you do have a group of people that can test your app, or even just to use as a convenience method for sending out new releases to your team instead of sending round apk’s, it will definitely help out the less tech savvy people and let them have a play about with your app.

Ability to respond to Play Store Reviews
It can be very frustrating if a user leaves a review on the App store and you could help them but have no way to respond. Apple should add the feature already available via the Google Play developer console to respond directly to a user review.

One last benefit! if you are developing the same app side by side on iOS and Android, you generally get around an extra week of development, testing time on Android as that’s about how long Apple takes to review applications.